Roundup: Memory and Portable Storage

This is harder than we had thought! Totally laughable, but at least we made the effort. As the title implies, we rounded relevant posts on new memory (RAM) products and portable (external, different from last roundup if you were wondering) storage. Something that caught our eyes this week was the new DDR3 kit Corsair announced recently, a series dubbed “Vengeance” and the heat spreaders look very unique and interesting to us. They appear very space consuming height-wise, however the giant heatsinks are in fact much thinner than their coolers found on the well known Dominator series.

Also to note is that Tom’s Hardware has an article regarding memory upgrades and whether it’s time for you to add more RAM, so do us (and them) a favor by checking that out! As usual, we’ll add to this list when more related articles surface.

UPDATE: Added two links to the mix. Happy reading!


Mushkin Intros SandForce-Based EP Series SSDs

Known for their top notch memory modules, Mushkin is announcing a new SATA 6Gb/s enterprise level EP Series SSD lineup, which guarantees uncompromisable high-performance and reliability for business applications. These drives are based on SandForce’s new SF-2500 and SF-2600 processors, in case you missed it, which yields up to 500MB/s read/write rates, up to 60,000 sustained random read/write IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second), and advanced ECC with up to 55 bits correctable per 512-byte sector (BCH). Mass production of these drives is set for Q1 of 2011, as samples should be shipping well before this year ends. No word on how much the costs would be at this point.