NVIDIA Says Kepler GPUs Delayed Till 2012

Looks like Team Green fans won’t be able to celebrate an early Christmas this year, as its been about a year since NVIDIA said they would launch the new Kepler GPUs based on a 28nm process starting Q3 of this year. It’s the second half of 2011 already, and looks like the company broke out of their own silence and stated that Kepler won’t hit retail shelves until sometime in 2012. Here’s what NVIDIA spokesperson Ken Brown had to say,

Although we will have early silicon this year, Kepler-based products are actually scheduled to go into production in 2012. We wanted to clarify this so people wouldn’t expect product to be available this year

Absolutely no mention of poor yields, but looks like this new line of GPUs are suffering the game fate of it’s predecessor – Fermi. Would this delay the 2013 slated date for the Maxwell GPUs that are next on their roadmap? Only time can tell.


Intel Shipping “Decacore” Processors by Q3

We’re clueless whether this is the term they’ll use for 10-core CPUs, but Intel’s Westmere-EX Xeon processor will be shipping this half of 2011. Last week an Intel rep said these chips will follow their 2010 release of the Nehalem-EX, which is currently their fastest server processor offering on the market that has eight cores. The new Xeons also introduce brand new security features including AES-NI (Advanced Encryption Standard-New Instructions) for faster encryption and decryption processes. The CPU is based on the 32nm manufacturing process opposed the 45nm process that the Nehalem-EX used.

The Intel spokesperson also stated that the new Xeon processors are intended for high-end servers (up to eight sockets) in data centres which manage large databases and run other intensive applications. Each core will be able to run two threads, and yield a total of up to 160 threads simultaneously (8 CPUS, 20 threads each). Two-socket systems with the Westmere-EX chips can also handle up to 2TB of memory. Good news for customers is that the new part is fully backwards compatible, and will work with current Nehalem-EX configurations.